At Ami Group, we understand that 2020 and 2021 so far has been difficult. This is an unprecedented situation and we have taken every precaution, following Government guidelines, to ensure that we are achieving a high standard of care and safety and that our visitors, residents and staff are protected.

We are very thankful to all family and friends, who have been supportive and understanding of this situation. We are immensely proud of our dedicated staff, who have worked tirelessly to provide an excellent level of care for our residents.

Below you will find Ami Group’s guidelines and approaches which have been put into place to keep everyone safe.

Government advice is constantly changing and we will endeavour to communicate new information on a regular basis and keep you updated with Ami Group’s policies regarding Covid-19.

New visiting guidelines

  • Following Government guidelines, we have set up COVID safe spaces, to allow for safe visiting.

  • All visits must be pre-booked.

  • This allows us to manage visits safely and ensure the appropriate cleaning regimes are maintained.

  • Safety screens have been put into place, to allow non-physical contact between residents and visitors.

  • All visitors will be asked to wear a face mask and to practice social distancing for the duration of the visit. Gloves, masks and aprons will also be provided and must be worn before entering the COVID safe space.

  • Prior to your visit your temperature will be taken and alcohol gel will be offered to you.

  • There is alcohol gel available within all entrances and within the covid safe visiting areas as well as throughout the homes.

  • If you are showing symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not travel to the homes as you will not be able to proceed with your visit.


Essential visits

  • We have halted all non essential visiting into the homes for time being. The exceptions to this are: urgent/emergency medical visits, regulatory repairs and loved one’s end of life visits.

  • These visits will be authorised with strict infection control guidelines in place; Temperature will be taken on entry into the home, visitors will be asked to wash their hands and the correct PPE must be worn. If anyone is displaying symptoms, they will be asked not to come in.

  • We continue to encourage family and friends to call in via video or telephone, to keep in touch with their loved ones.


New admissions

  • We have been accepting new residents, either from hospitals or from the community.

  • All new admissions to our homes will spend the first 14 days in a shielding programme, as a precautionary measure against the transmission of Covid-19.

  • This period is imperative to protect and safeguard all our residents and staff.

  • Designated areas of the home are specifically used to ensure that safe isolation can take place.

  • New residents will be supported during this time to ensure they do not feel isolated and our staff will make sure physical health and mental well-being is maintained.

  • When attending to residents in isolation, our staff use correct and appropriate level of PPE and strict infection control measures.


Covid-19 testing

  • As per Government guidance, all our residents are tested on a monthly basis and all of our staff are tested three times a week.

  • All new residents will be tested upon admission to the homes but will also follow the 14 day shielding programme. This is to safeguard our residents and staff and ensure new residents are not contagious before they are welcomed back to the main home.

  • We have strict protocols in place and staff are trained and aware of all new infection control procedures.


Telephone and Video calls

  • It is important for our residents to be able to keep in touch with their loved ones and whilst a face to face visit may not always be possible, we like to encourage other means of communication.

  • We encourage all family and friends to continue to call in either via telephone or video calls to keep in touch with loved ones.  Our well being coordinators will also send regular updates, videos and photos where appropriate.

  • We can facilitate video calls via Facetime, Zoom, Teams or Whatsapp. Please speak to a member of staff to support you to put into place which will be best for you.

  • If your loved one is coming to our homes for end of life care we are able to safely ensure that you will be able to visit your loved one and spend time with them in those last crucial moments if you choose to do so.  We will provide you with full PPE to maintain your safety.


Staff training

  • Staff keep up to date with all training, especially regarding infection control and PPE, which are vital to maintain safety of all.

  • The PPE Police are on the prowl! Each home has allocated PPE champions, who ensure that strict PPE guidelines are adhered to.

  • We constantly review our practices, in line with Government guidance and taking advice from regulated bodies, to ensure that we are meeting the highest standard of care.

If you have any questions or concerns, and would like to speak to a member of staff, please contact us.